Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Important Announcement

Just wanted to post a quick update. Forgot to mention last week that I saw a really well produced play at the University of Legon. There were about 60 people in the cast (!) decked out in dazzling costumes. Traditional music and choreographed dancing occurred throughout. The story detailed the history of an 18th Century war between the Ashanti (from central Ghana) and the British colonials. It was somewhat comical as the "obrunis" (white foreign exchange students) acted the parts of various British colonials, a.k.a. the bad guys. I have to admit I felt a little awkward when the audience cheered the defeat of the "obrunis" (who ran off the stage doing the British high-step), but it was a pretty powerful experience nonetheless. And it started on time and the lighting worked uninterupted.

On Sunday I got another crack at playing "Kinka" and also "Slow Adbadza" with my society. Two of their main drummers were away near Lake Volta, so I got to play a lot. It was pretty awesome. Nothing much else is new - haven't had power for 2 days.

I'd now like to announce:


That's right, you can submit that burning question(s) you had about Africa. Many Ghanaians I talk to want to know what Americans think about Ghana (at least two people I talked to are worried that Americans think they live in trees). So I'd like to tell you *how it really is*, at least to the extent that I know. You can hit me up with questions in any of the following ways:

1) Post it as a comment for this blog
2) Email
3) Message me on Facebook

I'll select the best questions and provide brilliant, witty, insightful responses, and the best question winner will receive a Viking Range, a new Sealy mattress, an all-expenses paid trip to the Azores OR Sri Lanka (your choice) AND travel in style in a BRAND ... NEW ... CAR!!!

Peace out. PS: One thing I look forward to when I return: flushing a toilet (it's been 3 months)

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