Sunday, November 2, 2008

You say?

Small (small) differences between American and Ghanaian English:

US: How's it going?
Ghana: How is it?

US: What did you say?
Ghana: You say?

US: These little insects are biting my arm!
Ghana: These small small insects are biting my arm!

US: I'll be right with you.
Ghana: I'm coming.

US: Do you like ground nuts?
Ghana: Do you take ground nuts?

US: [phone ringing] Don't answer it.
Ghana: [phone ringing] Don't pick it.

US: Lets go this way.
Ghana: Lets pass this way.

US: Get off at the crossroads.
Ghana: Alight at the junction.

US: The bus will turn.
Ghana: The car will branch.

Common Ghanaian phrases:
I'm telling you! I'm TELLING you!
You understand? You understand what I'm saying?
(There are lots more, can't think of them)

Saturday: I traveled to a funeral in the afternoon in Mampong, in the Eastern Region. This area of Ghana is not far from Accra but has lush, tropical forests (partially cut down) and mountains with scenic overlooks. The entire town of Mampong was filled with people dressed in nice black clothes, all attending various funerals in the area, which apparently is the thing to do on Saturdays. The funeral itself was uneventful, since we arrived too late to see the burial of the body and the associated rituals, and there was no traditional music performance.

Monday: Today was America day. I traveled to the US Embassy for the first time and voted (it should arrive by plane tomorrow morning). Then I went to Osu where all the trendy international restaurants are, and got myself a juicy, dripping burger and fries. It was so unbelievably good, you can't even imagine. The cost was remarkably high by my standards ($8.70) so I'll probably go back once more before I leave. And I got to watch CNN at the restaurant. Yay America.

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